Dress code

I to V Boys Dark peech colour shirt and light chocolate colour shorts, black belt,blacklaced shoes and skin colour socks.
I to V Girls Three piece jointed frock with piping, black half shoes, skin colour socks,school belt and black hair band.
VI to X Boys Dark peech colour shirt and light chocolate colour pants, Black Belt,Black laced shoes & skin colour socks.
VI & X Girls Light chocolate colour skirt , chocolate colour coat and dark peech colourshirt, skin colour socks, black half shoes with pleated hair.
XI&XII Boys White shirt with school emblem, black trousers with black belt. Blacklaced shoes & black socks.
XI & XII Girls Black trousers and white shirt black jacket with school emblem. Black HalfShoes, black socks, black hairband .
Wednesday Red T- shirts, Black trousers, Black shoes and Black socks.
Hair style Boys Girls should plait their hair on both sides and tie it with black bands only.
Accessories Jewellery, fancy ornaments, hair clips, long and polished nails are strictly forbidden.
Note :

1. Low waist pants are strictly banned. Boys should wear executive pants only.

2. Students should wear ID cards on all days.

British Council International School Award