Co-Curricular Activities

The optimum learning and development have been accomplished by a myriad of activities. So a system has been designed to train children in computer quizzing and traditional arts vocal music dance and instrumental music. A healthy competitive spirit is sustained with a view to sharpening the skills through various competitions.

Special focus on Physical Education

Physical education has been given adequate importance. Besides the coaching given in all games, all students are given 15 minutes warming up exercise everyday in the morning. Summer camping is also organized as part of the physical education programme. The school Band is considered to be one of the best of its kind.

Kiddies Park

Kiddies Park is the Kindergarten section of the school. Children attend Kindergarten to learn to communicate, play and interact with others appropriately. The teachers provide various materials and activities to motivate these children to learn the language and vocabulary of reading, mathematics science as well as music art and code conduct. For children who have previously spent most of their time at home, kindergarten may serve the purpose of helping them adjust to being apart from parents without anxiety. The Kiddies’ Park at Bethsada provide enough opportunity to play and interact with a consistent group of children on a regular basis.

British Council International School Award